Monday, May 16, 2016

Launching My Book: Boston Bound

As many of you blog readers know, I spent seven years of my life tortured by repeated failed attempts to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

At first, my failure to qualify for Boston was simply a matter of bad luck, or so it seemed. But after four years of continued failures, I realized that anxiety and perfectionism were the root of the problem. I spent the next three years facing my demons head-on, with the help of a sports psychologist, and I ultimately qualified for Boston in March of 2015.

I'm pleased to announce that I have captured this entire journey in my new book, launching today:

Boston Bound tells the story of how I discovered that my own brain was the culprit, and explains the steps I took to completely overhaul my mindset about my running and my life. To push oneself to one’s physical limit is only possible when the mind permits it. The marathon itself—a demanding, unforgiving, and intimidating sport—offers an opportunity for its participants to truly test the boundaries of their physical and mental capabilities. Training for and racing a marathon is a tangible way to apply and measure mental fortitude.

Launching Boston Bound!
I realize that there are many books about running, and a few of them are centered around the Boston
Marathon. However, at its core, this book isn’t really “about” running. It’s a case study for overcoming anxiety and depression, told in a narrative format. Throughout the seven years of my struggle to qualify for Boston, I blogged extensively about my journey here on Racing Stripes. A large portion of this book is adapted from my blog, and therefore captures my voice throughout the years. The transformation is remarkable, and I juxtapose my current voice with that of my former self as I tell the story. Even if you've been following along for years, the book adds a new perspective on the journey and highlights the key lessons I learned along the way.

Who should read this book?
  • Runners who want to qualify for the Boston Marathon
  • Runners who have qualified for the Boston Marathon, and are interested in someone else's story
  • Athletes who have hit a plateau, and have become frustrated with their sport 
  • Athletes who struggle with performance anxiety
  • Anyone who has difficulty coping with perceived failures
  • Anyone who reads this blog and has found it interesting and/or helpful

What will you get out of this book?
  • Tips, tools, and strategies for dealing with disappointment
  • Tangible ways to cope with and minimize anxiety and self-doubt
  • A juxtaposition of how NOT to analyze your performance vs. how TO analyze it
  • A relatable story of mental and emotional struggle in the pursuit of a goal
Head on over to to order your copy of Boston Bound!

I'd love it if my blog followers would review the book on after you have read it. If you know of anyone who'd be interested in this book, please let them know about it. I've also created a Facebook page and website to help promote the book. Also, feel free to comment on this post and let me know your thoughts!

Want to learn more? Visit the book's website at


  1. Wow! I'll have to check out your book! That is an amazing accomplishment. Way to be open and talk about things that so many people deal with. I hope your book can help many!

  2. Just finished the book, Elizabeth! Enjoyed it a lot! Just posted a review on should pop up soon.

    I identified so many times with you through the book. We have had a lot of shared experiences. Would be fun to sit down over a meal and talk more sometime!!

    Congratulations on getting the book out, hope many can enjoy it!

    1. I noticed your review on Amazon this morning! Thank you for reading and for taking the time to review it. I loved the comparison ton Moneyball. We'll definitely meet in Indy this fall and we can chat about it all then!