I am a McMillan Certified Running Coach and the proud owner of All Stripes Coaching. I coach athletes who are training to run all distances from the 5K to the marathon.

I believe that there is not just one running stripe. Successful runners prioritize their nutrition, recovery, hydration, and strength training while being disciplined about following their prescribed training plan. The mental stripe is also hugely important and when I coach athletes, I work with them on building confidence, easing anxiety, and taking a well-rounded approach to racing and goal-setting.

I help runners unlock their potential through a personalized approach that takes into consideration their:

  • Short and long-term goals
  • Experience level
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Training preferences
  • Time constraints
  • Mindset towards running
Coaching Services
Are you ready to flex all of your stripes!?  When you work with All Stripes you complete a comprehensive questionnaire to ensure I have all of the information I need to tailor your plan. I take into account your running history, your goals, your timeline, race calendar and scheduling preferences. Then I craft a tailored plan based on the scientifically proven system from McMillan running. When I give you the plan I explain my rationale for my approach, why I have prescribed certain workouts and tips for executing the race. 

I offer custom training plans with or without checkpoints. Without checkpoints, I give you the plan and my rationale for the plan along with tips and general guidance. You have the opportunity to ask questions at the outset and then our interaction ends. 

With checkpoints, we communicate every 4 weeks over the phone, video or email (your choice!). I will also occasionally comment on key workouts in the Final Surge app. During our check-in sessions, I provide feedback on your workouts and you are encouraged to provide feedback on the plan. Based on our conversation, I may choose to adjust the plan for the next four weeks based on your input.

Current coaching services are:

Custom Training Plans, no check-ins or feedback:
  • 8 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • 16 weeks
  • 20 weeks
Custom Training Plans with a checkpoint every 4 weeks:
Includes Final Surge Training App 
  • 8 weeks (one checkpoint)
  • 12 weeks (two checkpoints)
  • 16 weeks (three checkpoints) 
  • 20 weeks (four checkpoints)
Limited availability for coaching with checkpoints.

Interested? Complete the Coaching Interest Form and I will get back to you with pricing and next steps.


Q: Will you coach anyone?
A: I'm best suited to coach runners who have been running for at least six months and can already run a 5K (3.1 miles). For runners who are just starting out, I recommend the Couch to 5K program. Otherwise, I coach runners at all levels-- unless you are an Olympic runner. I also have limited capacity, so I may not be available to work with new athletes at certain times. 

Q: Will you comment on my workouts in Final Surge?
A: I will not comment on every run, but will provide occasional feedback if your choose the "checkpoint" option. The majority of the feedback will be discussed every four weeks during our call. You should come to that call prepared with all of your questions. 

Q: What is the pricing?
A: Complete the Coaching Interest Form and I will email you with pricing. I charge less than most coaches because I am not available on a daily basis to provide feedback. Upfront payment is required for all plans.

Q: Do you offer full-service 1:1 coaching with regular interactions and feedback?
A: Yes, but I have limited capacity due to my full-time job, so I only work with a small handful of athletes at a time.

Q: Do you offer in-person coaching?
A: Nope, just virtual.