Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woe is me!

Woe is me.
I have an injury.
Few things are worse for a runner to face
I have to accept this will slow down my pace.
I am hopeful that it's just a shin splint
But it hurts when I walk, much more than a hint.
If this is a stress fracture I'm going to be mad
For the PRs I hoped for will not be had.

The only good thing I can think of to say,
I'd rather be injured now than in the month of May.
There's snow everywhere, so I'd be stuck on the 'mill
Just one long flat surface, not one single hill.
I think that's the culprit of my shin pain anyway,
To much treadmill running, and now I'm having to pay.
Now it's pool running for me, and elliptical too
I cannot land run until the pain has subdued.

I've been stretching and strengthening and treating with ice
Despite all these measures, my shin feels not nice.
Even at rest, I can feel a dull ache
I certainly hope my shin bone didn't break!
All of this makes me extremely frustrated,
I don't want my spring season to be so ill-fated.

A bone scan this week will determine my fate,
Will I run a spring marathon, or do I have to wait?
I was doing so well with my training, you know
I averaged 7:26 on my 5-mile tempo.
With my heart rate staying in that LT zone.
And I thought I was no longer injury prone!

My fitness had reached an exciting new peak,
Can I preserve it without 50+ per week?
I did a 3-hour pool workout of running and swimming
And that seemed to be effective, and not at all skimping.

Woe is me.
I have an injury.
And what is the damage?  That's left to be seen.


Thanks to everyone who commented on my previous blog and the Cool Pool Runners who helped me get started with that!


  1. Well, first that is an incredible poem. Second, boo! I really hope it's just splints and didn't turn into a dreaded fracture. Cristina's blog should give you great reason to believe that the pool running will sustain your fitness during your down time. I don't live too far from cub run and typically pool run Sundays - but sometimes may need to do Sat, so let me know what your pool running schedule is. Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Oh! Great poem, but I hope it's not a stress fracture! Good luck with the bone scan - let us know what you find out!

  3. Awesome poem, terrible subject! But Dash is right, you'll definitely maintain your fitness by pool running. And, have you read Dash's marathon poem? You guys should publish a book of running poetry!

  4. wow! great poem; your very creative! but boo on the topic ;( hopeyour scan returns clean.

  5. I love the poem! You are so cute!! So sorry about your shin. I hope it gets better so super soon! I will try pool running today and let you know how it goes. You're right--better to be injured now than when it's beautiful out!!! Crossing my fingers for a healthy spring for both of us! :)

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  7. Nice job at poetry there. I couldn't never come up with things like that!! :)