Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Year In Review

Like many runners, I like to track my progress and analyze my running stats. The end of the year seems like the most appropriate time to do that. 2010 was a milestone year for me in many ways, and running is no exception. I set PRs in five distances (although not the marathon, which ironically is what I mainly focus on) and I set a new record for total mileage.

Yearly Mileage
In 2010, I ran a total of 2136 miles. This is 171 more miles than in 2009, when I ran 1965 miles. Percentage wise, I increased my annual mileage by 8.7%. This is primarily due to the fact that I was not at all injured in 2010, whereas in 2009, I had to take about four weeks off due to a foot injury, and then ease back into it.

Of these miles, 580 were on a treadmill and the rest were outdoors. That's 27% treadmill and 73% outside. In 2009, I ran 992 treadmill miles, which was about 50%.

2010 Weekly Mileage

My highest mileage month was January with 219 miles. This is surprising because we got hit with a huge snow storm that month. My lowest mileage month was November with only 126 miles. This was mainly because I was tapering for and then recovering from the NYC marathon.

My average weekly mileage was 41, and I'd really like to see that increase in 2011. If I set a goal of averaging 46 miles a week, then my 2011 mileage goal would be 2396. If I can stay injury-free then I think this is a feasible goal.

As shown by all the red bars in the chart above, I ran a lot of races. They weren't all "A" races, but I figured that since there is an element of luck involved with racing, the more you do it, the better your chances are of having good conditions. Also, racing is great speedwork and also great "practice" for going at full effort. I wasn't as high-anxiety about most of my races this year as I have been in the past. I just wanted to go out and do my best. The PRs are highlighted in red.

Crystal City 5K
  • March: Van Metre 5-Mile in 37:10 (PR by 2:30)
  • March: Shamrock Marathon: DNF at mile 13.5 because of the heat
  • April: Crystal City 5K in 22:21 (PR by 1:01)
  • April: GW Parkway Classic in1:22:xx (this was a fun run, because I had been planning to a marathon the following weekend)
  • May: Bob Potts Marathon in 3:53:56
  • June: UVA Reunion 2-miler in 14:07
  • June: Lawyers Have Heart 10K in 49:50
  • June: Run for the Red 10K in 51:10
  • July: Firecracker 5K in 23:21
  • September: South Fairfax Chamber Challenge 10K in 47:55
  • October: Heritage Half Marathon in 1:41:30
  • October: Army Ten-Miler in 1:17:54
  • November: NYC Marathon in 4:08:32
  • November: Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K in 22:33
  • December: St. Jude Memphis Marathon in 4:14:38
  • December: Reindeer Run 5K in 22:37
  • December: Ringing in Hope 10K in 46:34
That's 16 races that I completed in 2010 (not counting that Shamrock DNF). I think that's a PR in terms of number of races. 

Chamber Challenge 10K
I think that I also set a PR for number of awards won, but I'm not completely sure. This was definitely my first time coming in first in my age group during a 10K. 
  • UVA reunion 2-miler: 1st place class of 2000, 3rd overall female 
  • Firecracker 5K: 3rd place in age group
  • Chamber Challenge 10K: 1st place in age group, 2nd overall female 
  • Heritage half marathon: 3rd place in age group

Blog Updates
I have been committed to regularly posting in this blog. It gives me closure after a race to write a report and I enjoy having the history. I also hope that I can in some way offer something to others who read this blog. This year, I gave my blog a fresh new look with new zebra stripes in the background. I also added some tabs in the top navigation that talk about my running history and give some context to my blog posts.

Looking Ahead
I don't really have time-based goals for 2011. Although I would like to BQ and get my half marathon time under 1:40, my primary goal is to run a strong marathon. I'm not as focused on the time as I used to be. It's just that I have bonked in every single marathon I have run since March of 2008. That's going on three years of all bonks. My secondary is goal is to increase my training mileage. Ideally by an average of 5 miles a week, provided that I don't get injured. Of course, for most of these running goals to be achievable, staying injury-free is a must, so I guess that trumps the marathon goal. 

2010 is going to be a tough act to follow, but I'm planning on enjoying the ride.


  1. Elizabeth, What a great accomplishment! I know you'll do even more this year. Stay healthy & safe on your runs!

  2. Congrats on all your accomplishments! I know 2011 will be the year you take it to the marathon!

  3. So many PRs!!!!!! You had an awesome year and I'm looking forward to reading about your progress this year, too!

  4. I'm just echoing, but day-umn -- what a great year! Makes all the struggles worth it, doesn't it? :)

  5. Your b-day is 11/11?!?! LOVE IT. I do my long runs from Starbucks in SR every Saturday at 7am. Want to join me one weekend?

  6. I find the statistics you take of yourself to be quite amazing. I keep data of every single run I have done since after my first marathon but nothing at all close to what you have done and it is phenomenal.. I couldn't tell you how many miles I ran although I could calculate it because I have all the data I just have to put it all together and in 2011, it was probably all out all the time because that was me back in the day. Of course back then I didn't have injuries and all I have now are injuries and I can't even solve them even following my PT's advice. I mean the man praised me for doing it the right way unlike most of his patients and still it comes back!!

    I find it funny that you make weekly mileage goals too... My only goals are the time I run in a race... Nothing else means shit to me. a fast training run only mattes in that when the world can view my race I do well. I don't want to race unless I feel I can do well so I'm not sure when I'll race again with all these issues! What I love is YOU. Your care, respect and understanding means a ton. No I'm not taking Greg's spot. Hell no, you would never like or respect me to that degree and I know it from knowing you how I know you to this day. But I do love that you're part of my life and we root for each other!! I thank you so much for your support!! MY clock is off with this daylight savings time crap.

    I know I'm goingto love reading your progress and will also relate to your frustrations because well... should I say, I'm frustrated with life myself. I'm not officially a master's runner but will I ever run a race as a master's runner? I have no idea!! I'm a mess!! But I think you're on a great track to run a great Boston in 2020 (if it happens given coronavirus) and PR is the weather is right. I know if it's not to not have the high expectations I have for you though. Thanks for being you!! You matter!!