Sunday, October 12, 2008

Race to Beat 2007 Mileage

In 2007, I ran 1,596 miles. I assumed I would easily beat that number in 2008 because there were some injuries in 2007. Little did I know that there would be even more injuries and illness in 2008! In 2007, I was very consistent. My monthly totals were always around 150, and there were only two months that went drastically below that.

I currently am at 1,190 miles for 2008. In order to beat last year's mileage, I need to run 406 miles between now and December 31. Looking at my training schedule, I have approximately:
- 120 miles remaining to run for the rest of October
- 210 for November
- 220 for December

In a perfect world, this is 1,740 miles. However, given the possibility of injury or some other stroke of bad luck interfering, I could be cutting it close. I'll be happy just to beat it by a few miles! Unlike 2007, when I was very consistent, this year, I have been all over the map with my mileage. My highest mileage month has been August with 210 miles, and my lowest was May with 39.5.

When I first started using the "Advanced Marathoning" plan, I kept most of my runs slow-- averaging 9:30. I did this so I could avoid injuries and safely ramp up the mileage. Now that I have such a strong endurance base going into this RNR Arizona training, I am going to increase the speed on most of my runs, although not by too much (I still want to avoid injuries and stay in the most effective heart rate zone). According to the McMillan calculator, my PRs for the shorter distances match up almost perfectly to the longer distances. So, I think I have this endurance thing nailed, and will strive to get my speed up.

I am finally feeling 100% recovered from being sick, and it's been so extremely nice running in this gorgeous fall weather.

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  1. YAY! Glad you're feeling better. It's all going to come together in Arizona for you!