Sunday, October 5, 2008

Moving Ahead

I am registered for the Rock 'N Roll Marathon in Arizona in January. I've had my sights on this race for awhile because it's supposed to be a relatively flat course with good weather, and part of the Rock 'N Roll series. I also have a lot of friends and co-workers who live in Phoenix. Even though I was completely traumatized by the Rock 'N Roll VA Beach half marathon (organized by the same company), I still think that the Elite Racing series is fun and well-organized. I registered for this race about a month ago, and it was supposed to be my "back-up plan" if I didn't qualify for Boston at Hartford, or my "fun run" if I did.

Since I am not running Hartford, RNR Arizona will be my first BQ attempt. I will resume training this week, and try to regain the fitness I lost during the time I was sick. I feel completely recovered, aside from some lingering chest tightness, which the doctor said could last up to 12 weeks. I'll use the same program, but switch it up a bit to fit in some races. I haven't set a PR since March (unless you count the 20K), so I am really itching to race some shorter distances this fall. I wasn't able to do this in the Spring because of my knee injury. And over the summer, all of the races were extremely hot, resulting in slow times. I've been working my butt off all summer. Now it's time for some PRs!!!!!

Shoes, Shoes, More Shoes!
I purchased my first pair of Mizunos-- the Elixirs. I had been using the Brooks Axiom for lightweight trainers and racing shorter distances, but they aren't as light as the Mizuno's and they are a bit too wide for me. The Mizunos fit my feet perfectly and they feel like they have more arch support. I suspect that I won't be able to run more than 6-8 miles in them without getting foot pain, knee issues, etc-- because they aren't as stable as I really need. However, they are extremely light and will hopefully help me in the 5Ks and 10Ks.

Retail Therapy?
Speaking of shopping, I came to the realization today that I don't like it! When I was a teenager and a college student, and even in my early 20's, I loved shopping for clothes. I could spend hours at the mall trying things on. Now, I find that I have very little patience. I hate the crowds, I hate having to try things on, and I am overwhelmed by the vast quantity of stores at the mall. (Everyone knows that Tysons Corner is HUGE). I also tend to get a bit of buyer's guilt when I spend money on myself for things that aren't absolutely necessary. I try to be frugal, but I also want clothing that is flattering and that I will enjoy wearing.

Body Woes
My dilemma is this. Since last fall/winter, my thighs have expanded. I hope it's muscle because of the running, but I don't know for sure. All I know is that my thighs are bigger and most of my pants are now tight and don't look good. Oddly, my waistline has not expanded. All of my pants still fit in the waist but they are just so tight in the legs-- which also makes shopping hard. If I get a size 2, I am swimming in the waist, but the legs fit well. If I get a size 0, the waist fits nicely, but the legs are too tight. I'm happy with the way my body looks, so this frustration has more to do with getting pants to fit than the fact that my legs are bigger. Over the summer, I got away with wearing skirts and dresses almost every day. But I can't do that as much as it gets colder.

Enough rambling for one evening. I'm just so happy and thankful to be well again, that I'm not even "mourning" Hartford anymore. I'm moving ahead.


  1. So glad to see that you're still going for a BQ. I had a friend who did the RNR half in AZ last year and loved it.

    Retail therapy - ditto everything you said!

    Body woes - I'm with you on the things. My boyfriend says I have runners thighs. I just want thighs that are proportional to my waist so I can buy pants that fit right.

  2. RNRAZ is a favorite winter race for runners from my're going to have a blast at that! If I've got any cash left after my MCM trip, and still need a BQ time, I may very well show up for that one as well.

  3. I'm a lurker, but I'm probably going to do RNR Arizona, but only the half (have to drive from LA).

    I've noticed the leg thing too - my waist has shrunk from running, but my legs are getting very muscular, although at least they are more toned.

    Wishing you the best of luck to BQ!