Thursday, January 3, 2008

2007 Recap

2007 was a good year for me running-wise. Since I started racing in 2005, I know that my "gains" will be less significant as time goes by, so having another year like 2007, with major PRs at every distance, will be unlikely. While there are still many good things to come in my running career (or so I hope) I'd like to take a moment to reflect back on 2007.

Races & Places
The furthest I traveled for a race this year was the Miami Marathon in January. Other interesting locations were the NYC half marathon, the Philadelphia Distance run, and the New Jersey Marathon. I got a nice view of my home city during the Cherry Blossom 10-miler, and a crappy view of the same city during the National Half Marathon.

Marathon Mania
ING Miami Marathon, January 13, 4:13
New Jersey Marathon, April 29,
Richmond Marathon, November 10, 3:56

Training Miles The year is not over yet, but I have currently run 1580 miles this year. If I can do some short runs through my injury, I think I will run at least 1,600 for the year. It's a little bit less than I had hoped for, but still good enough to help me meet my goals. In the first half of the year, most of my training runs were done at a relatively fast past. I almost always ran a "tempo" run, and my long runs were done at marathon goal pace. About halfway through the year, I decided to follow the "Veteran's" program in Runner's World, which had me run most of my miles a lot slower. It clearly worked for the Richmond marathon, but it wasn't easy to hold back so much in training.

I logged the most miles in October (168) and the fewest miles in August (72).

Injuries Even though I have been running since 2001, this was my first year with injuries. It all started in July with two Morton's Neuromas in my left foot. Other injuries have included: - Plica Syndrome in my right knee - Bone Spur in my right foot - Plantar Fasciitis in my right foot - IT Band Syndrome in left leg - Pes anserine Bursitis in right leg I have overcome all of these except for the IT Band Syndrome (which I am still not certain I have-- but that could just be denial), and the bone spur, where the pain comes and goes randomly. I guess I must really love running to keep doing it after all this!

Bad Racing Experiences
In 2006, the VA Beach half marathon won the prize for the worst race. This year, I would have to give that award to the Marine Corps Marathon 10K. Complete Flop. You remember the blog. It was a mixture of external factors and then my own mindset that made me fail. Second prize would have to go to the Cure Autism Now 5K on July 4. Even though this 5K time was better than the Turkey Trot, the July 4 race was much more of a letdown. I fully expected a PR and didn't anticipate any of those hills.

I won three awards this year: - June 3: 1st place in my age group (second overall) in a 5K - June 23: 2nd place in my age group in a 4-mile race - December 1: 1st place in my age group for a half marathon

PRs I set a PR at every distance this year, and I ran 3 new distances: The 4-mile, the 8K, and the 20-mile.

6/3/07Herndon, VA
5 Mile
3/10/07Ashburn, VA
12/9/07Washington, DC
10 Mile
4/1/07Washington, DC
1/2 Marathon
9/16/07Philadelphia, PA
20 Mile
9/30/07Alexandria, VA
Richmond, VA

Running Buddies
Jenny and I ran most of our races together until she got injured. After the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April, she found out that she had 4 stress fractures and has not been able to run ever since. I miss her and hope to run more with her in 2008. I really enjoyed the NJ Marathon with Kimberly and Randi, while having Jenny and Jenna come out to cheer us on. I also enjoyed the Philly Distance Run with a bunch of Big Cats, including Abby, Brent, Kevin, Michael H., Matt, and Bob.

Power Songs
1. Fall Out Boy- Fame < Infamy (The whole CD, actually!)
2. Foo Fighters- The Pretender
3. Jimmy Eat World- Let It Happen
4. Finger Eleven- Paralyzer
5. Anberlin- Reclusion

2007 Races
January- Miami Marathon: 4:13:54
March- Van Metre 5.2 mile Race: 40:17
March- National Half Marathon: 1:54:18
April- Cherry Blossom 10-Miler: 1:21:23
April- New Jersey Marathon: 4:05:44
May- Capitol Hill 10K: 49:55
June- Herndon 5K: 23:30
 June- Lawyer's 10K: 50:59 J
une- Ashburn 4-miler: 30:18
July- Cure Autism 5K: 24:07
August- NYC Half marathon: Dropped out, Injured
September- VA Beach Half marathon: Dropped out, Injured
September- Philadelphia Distance Run: 1:52:43
September- National Captial 20-Miler: 3:01:20
October- Chicago Marathon: Dropped out, Injured
October- MCM 10K: Too awful to mention
November- Richmond Marathon: 3:56:14
November- Turkey Trot 5K: 24:19
December- Seaside Half Marathon: 1:53:22
December- Jingle All The Way 10K: 49:23

2008 Goals
I am not sure if I will write a separate blog about this or not. My main goals are to keep setting PRs, avoid injuries, see new places, and have fun!

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