Tuesday, February 13, 2024

My Instagram Followers Wrote This Blog Post

I asked my Instagram followers to name one thing they've learned from me. The answers spanned a wide range of topics but mostly fell into the following themes:

  • Consistency/dedication
  • Running form
  • Mindset
  • Faster with age
  • Fueling
  • Wardrobe/dressing for runs
I've highlighted my favorite ones! 

1. Relax while running 
2. Gained some confidence 
3. Beets and beet juice as a performance enhancer
4. Fueling is important! Have a fueling plan and stick to it. Also not to try new fuels for a race.
5. Enjoy the process of making gradual progress
6. How to run!
7. Zebras are awesome!
8. How to fuel for runs an races
9. To listen to your body when there’s pain
10. No matter your experience level, you’re always learning with running.
11. Only one? Goals and mindset. Thought process. And a lot from post race recaps.
12. I need more than 1 pair of shoes each year (running over 1000km a year)
13. Running is running no matter age, speed, weight, form.
14. The body can recover.
15. So much is yet to come.
16. Tips for running form!
17. You’re a musician
18. Take chews with you just in case gels don’t go down. Genuis!
19. What to wear and how to fuel for marathon
20. Resilience and consistency always prevail in leading to accomplishing goals.
21. Consistency and hard work pays off!
22. Your post about mindset going into Richmond, having a great day, etc.
23. Women can be strong and sensitive at the same time.
24. Discipline. 
25. Dedication.
26. Smile at the finish line, stop your watch after.
27. Marathon nutrition
28. How important it is to FUEL during long runs and races!
29. How vital it is to run easy!
30. Smiling
31. Proper form!
32. Train easy to run fast on marathon day.
33. Have a strong mindset.
34. Slow down and find my pace that works for me.
35. Setting my Garmin watch. Very helpful. 
36. To listen to my body.
37. Socks as sleeves and sweater to donate at the beginning of your race!!!
38. Can still have marathon success if the cycle doesn’t go as planned.
39. You are a medical miracle and that your injuries never see to sideline you (outside of the bike accident)
40. How to dress for the weather!
41. You can be fitter in your 40s- you are amazing!
42. Hard work pays off!!
43. Helpful fueling tips!
44. Your face with happiness
45. Way more than one!! Watch setting, dressing for weather, being smart about injuries.
46. Fuel!
47. You can get fitter and faster in your 40s
48. Running pace
49. That the heel bump has an actual medical diagnosis/name
50. Endless motivation!
51. Smile when you run!
52. Consistency is key
53. Not everything goes as planned and that’s ok.
54. Managing race expectations keeping about the fun.
55. To run slower on my easy runs which I hope will translate to more speed down the road.
56. That I have hope of being fast like you one day.
57. No lazy upper body, I kept that in my mind all through my half on Nov. 5th.
58. Zebras are amazing!
59. How to dress as someone that gets overheated easily as well
60. First Place shorts have pockets in the front (have one since a year and never saw these)
61. To relax when I run!
62. That I can continue to get faster as I age
63. Smile to the camera at finish line before stopping the Garmin
64. Don’t let illness or injury stop you, take the break you need and always come back!
65. To listen to your body
66. Never give up on anything and marathons keep you looking 21
67. You can be very fast in your 40s!
68. That age is just a number
69. Don’t wear thongs while running
70. You gave me motivation for my next marathon: Paris 2024
71. Courage
72. Train at a slower pace to run a faster race
73. To fuel during runs
74. Be patient
75. Don’t get discouraged when injury sidelines you. Adjust the training and trust the process.
76. How to dress in different temperatures
77. Retired dancers can run marathons!
78. How to (hopefully) treat and solve the Achilles tendinitis!!
79. Fueling strategy
80. Patience
81. To listen to my body
82. Fast foot turnover
83. That it is possible! 45 to BQ!
84. Zebra Lover
85. Excellent music taste, and your ladder speed day. It’s a favorite of mine now.
86. A lot.
87. Not to give up on your dreams. Keep working, and you can achieve them!
88. That I’m not the only one that hates running in the heat
89. Speeding up the end of some long runs, game changer.
90. Socks as sleeves. That’s an inspired idea.
91. Wait until after the finish line to hit stop on my Garmin. LOL!
92. Slow down on easy runs
93. Strength training pays off
94. Some people really love zebras!
95. Running form!
96. Good running form can look different on different people
97. Variety 
98. Success is not linear and you can still run crazy fast as a master marathoner! 
99. Sooooo so much. One thing that stands out proper fueling. Bonus: smart training = results.
100. Perseverance
101. I have early signs of Haglunds syndrome
102. Slow runs are just as important as speed work
103. Persistence
104. How to dress for cold runs
105. How to smile and run even when you are suffering lol
106. It’s ok to run slowly in training
107. Taking easy runs easy. I love your videos, the way you listen to your body, your singing.
108. Age is just a number
109. Know your boundaries! I’ve learned to listen to my body and let it lead!
110. Preparation
111. Importance of strength training
112. How to use my arms properly
113. I’m not running out of time to be a runner!
114. It’s okay for you to have a running form that isn’t “perfect” according to sites
115. That I can get better as I get older !!
116. Excellent nutrition tips
117. Strength training exercises
118. Tenacity is sexy
119. How to be good at chess
120. That your 20s can be just the beginning of many years of running PRs!
121. It’s doable
122. Running underwear is the bomb
123. This smile more while running
124. How to stay motivated when you don’t want to run any longer!
125. How to keep my arms actively involved while I run.
126. That my Achilles can be fixed. Maybe.
127. Never give up!!
128. You can keep running even with Haglund’s deformity. I have it too!
129. Hip drop
130. Never quit
131. Age doesn’t matter!!! You become stronger because you work hard for it
132. That running form is not the same for everyone, everyone has their own unique style!
133. It’s okay to not hit your goal right away. And not the only one drastically affected by heat.
134. Consistency is key.
135. You can be a badass runner in your 40’s!
136. How to stay positive and not overthink bad workouts/races.
137. Your zebra passion
138. You’re amazing!
139. You have to relax to run fast
140. It’s ok to take a break
141. You keep going. . . after a injury or illness or vacation. You get back out there! Great job!
142. Consistency
143. Fueling strategy
144. Attitude is everything
145. There many things can get better with after, especially our bodies and their abilities
146. To visualize myself while running
147. Running form- time by time during my runs I just remind myself, are you running like Elizabeth? 148. You are amazing. “Everything”.
149. Running is not always easy but keep going!
150. You don’t have to be in your 20’s to improve your pace
151. That running underwear is a controversial topic
152. So many things!! How about fueling strategies
153. Your posture during running and adding strength training in my running schedule
154. Getting older means you have more time to practice to improve your running!! You get BETTER with time
155. Run relaxed! And thumbs up
156. To listen to my body and rest when it’s ill or hurting
157. To smile a lot more when I run! 
158. Your rabbit shorts! Got some and love them!

If this were a market research project, and I was re-branding myself it would be something along the lines of: "Runner who got faster in her 40s with a positive mindset who listens to her body, fuels and dresses appropriately, loves zebras, and works hard."  I agree with that. 

Feel free to add some more!


  1. You've come a long way and I love that you share everything with us--the good and the bad! Keep on keeping it real!

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