Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snowy Days

As you know, the Washington DC metro area has been hit hard with snow over the past two weeks. I've been relegated to the treadmill for all of my runs, and it doesn't look like I will run outside again for awhile. They don't typically plow the trail that I run on, so I just have to wait for it to melt. And with several feet of snow and temperatures in the 30's for the foreseeable future, melting is highly unlikely. I don't live in a neighborhood that I can run around, either, because it's very small and surrounded by road work and construction zones.

There are many "hard-core" runners who will run in anything, but I refuse to risk slipping and falling an not being able to run altogether. Many of these runners say that they just go a lot slower, but in my mind, I'd rather be on a treadmill and hit the proper trainnig paces.

I was supposed to run the "Love the Run You're With" 5K on Sunday, but that was rescheduled to Feb. 28. I was glad that it was rescheduled because I don't think the roads will be safe to run on by then-- especially at 5K race pace. Unfortunately, I don't know if I will be able to do the race on the 28th. That's three weeks out from the marathon and I need to do my last 20-mile run. My options are to do the 20-miler on Saturday and then volunteer at the race on Sunday. Or, I could take a few hours off of work in the middle of the week to do my 20-miler, and then race on Sunday. I'll just have to see how things play out with the weather and the rest of my training.

Speaking of Pacers, my bio is now up on the Pacers web site. Click here to see it!

Despite the snow, my weekly mileage has been where I wanted it to be. My training log is here.
Week of Jan. 18: 54
Week of Jan. 25: 56
Week of Feb. 1: 55

This week is a cutback week, with a goal of 43 miles.

Last weekend, I was supposed to do a 20-miler. This would have been the second of three 20-milers in the training program. On Saturday, it was impossible to even leave my house, so I opted to do this on a treadmill on Sunday. My fiance drove me to the gym (his car is better in snow, and I really don't like driving in it). I was mentally prepared for 20 miles, because I had read Facebook status updates and blogs of other runners who had done 20 on a treadmill on Saturday. I was one of the only people at the gym, and I was determined.

After 12 miles, the power went out, and they were forced to evacuate the gym. Sadly, I had to go home, where I had no power either. I took a shower, changed into comfy clothes, and had a small bowl of Ben and Jerry's. Just then, the power came back on. I was cursing myself for not having started until later. But I guess I had no way to know. So, I changed into some fresh running clothes and headed down to the treadmill in my neighborhood fitness center. I don't like this treadmill as much as being at my gym, but it did the job for the remaining 8 miles.

It was disappointing to not do a 20-miler, but I did reach 55 miles for the week, and I guess that 12 + 8 is better than just 12.

Another run of note was a 6-mile tempo run about a week ago. I ran a total of 10.5 miles, with the middle six being at an average pace of 7:50. Ironically, this is faster than my 10K PR pace, and I felt like I could have gone faster. I made certain to keep my heart rate in the Lactate Threshold zone for maximum training benefit. (For some reason, I just have never been able to race a 10K anywhere close to my true ability. I've tried a bunch of different pacing strategies, but a 7:53 average pace has been the best I have ever done. I probably won't run one again until June, when it will be too hot to get a PR. . . . )

I just hope that I will be able to get one more long run in on the trail before my taper starts in two and a half weeks.


  1. Good luck figuring out the last 20 mile run. I've been very glad I chose a mid-May marathon as the snow has really messed with my training. I had to split my 14 miler this week between outside and the treadmill, just to get the miles done.

    I'll be volunteering at the 5K if you end up deciding to do that.

  2. Oohh, the power going out this would've illed me to no end! Props to you for getting back out there later on. And... I love your bio!!! Could you be ANY cuter? Seriously, I just wanna pinch your cheeks!

  3. what if you still run the 5K and just have fun? I have done long runs (albeit not 20) and then run a 5k the next day AND gotten a PR. Because I went in with no expectations, I did well.

  4. MCM: Yeah, I am starting to wish I had a May marathon!

    LA Runner: Hahah-- thanks. The power going out definitely sucked. Especially since the run was going relatively well for a TM.

    Christina: Doing the 5K as a fun run is definitely an option-- but my fear is that I will run it hard anyway and get injured. I'd love it if Pacers did Pace Groups for the races, and then I could pace an "easy" pace for myself and not feel like I needed to go faster.

  5. I'm that kind that runs in anything (except sub zero I'll stay in now and just say screw it.) We'll see come winter if I get any of those days in Boston 2020 training!! But even though this was a long time ago, that has to be frustrating to have the power go our an ruin your run (ya see if you just go outdoors and deal with it, it doesn't matter if the power goes out.) But you're older and wiser now (and faster too woot woot)