Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Years Run-o-lutions

I'm probably a little late for a New Year's resolutions blog. But I was enjoying a Caribbean cruise for the first week of 2010 and I have also been busy planning my wedding.

The cruise was so much fun! It was basically a lot of relaxing, eating, drinking and gambling. Running wise, I had scheduled a "cutback" week, so I only had to run three times on the trip-- Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Each day I did an 8-mile run. Thankfully, there was a track on the upper deck that indicated 5 laps equaled one mile. This meant 40 laps around the track. Every time I started to get bored, I just remembered how nice it was to be looking at the ocean, and how it was better than the 30-degree weather we were having back home. And far better than being on a treadmill.

As for my running goals in 2010, the only goal that I am really focused on is qualifying for Boston. I have been after this goal for over a year now, and due to circumstances beyond my control, I have not qualified. I think that my training and my fitness level indicate that a BQ is possible, but I do need the right racing conditions (i.e. no hypothermia and no overheating in 70-degree weather. . . and no major injuries during training!).

If I BQ at the Shamrock marathon in March, I feel like I can cut back on the high mileage and start focusing on shorter, faster stuff. And more importantly, I will be spending most of the spring and summer preparing for my wedding, which includes selling my condo, buying a new house and moving. If it doesn't happen for me in March, then I'll give it another go at the St. Jude Memphis marathon. I also entered the NYC marathon lottery, but I will likely run that as a "fun run" if I am accepted.

In my immediate future, I have a 5K in mid-February and a 5-miler as a tune-up race two weeks before the marathon. I should be able to PR in both distances, based on where I think I am fitness-wise.

Training for the past few weeks has been as follows:
Week of Dec. 14: 40 miles
Week of Dec. 21: 44 miles
Week of Dec. 28: 48 miles (including a 4-mile race)
Week of Jan. 4: 36 miles
Week of Jan. 11: 51 miles (including a 20-miler)
Week of Jan. 18: 54 miles on schedule

If all goes according to plan, I will peak during the week of February 15 with 57 miles. This is slightly less than what I typically peak at, but I think it's enough to BQ and avoid injury/overtraining. I have three 20+ milers planned, of which I have already completed one. I worry that I will have to miss some long runs due to snow and ice on the trail. Of course there is always the treadmill, but 15 is about the max I can handle on there without my legs hurting from the repetition.

Anyway, I am looking forward to a happy, healthy year of running and romance with my future husband.


  1. Awwww, your year looks like it will be a fabulous one!

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I randomly surfed by your blog and I am inspired by your achievements. Keep up the great work and wishing you an injury free year of races and PBs :)

    P.S You have done a number of marahtons, but I just did my first marathon last year. Details here

  3. Hi am-klutz. Thanks for finding my blog. Injury-free is very important to me! I am going to go check out your link.

  4. Elizabeth... I was also chosen as a Pacers Ambassador this year... and am most honored to hold such a position for Pacers. I just came across your blog and will continue to follow you. Since I can't attend the Kickoff Party Sat... I can't wait to meet you Sun at Love the Run!