Thursday, April 23, 2009

Speedwork: Then Vs. Now

I ran 7.5 miles this morning:

  • 2.5 warmup at 9:40
  • 2 miles tempo at 7:43
  • 1:30 recovery jog
  • 2x800 w/1:30 recoveries, 3:43 for each (7:26 pace)
  • 2x400 w/1:30 recoveries, 1:45 for each (7:00 pace)
  • Cooldown at 10:10
I did this workout at the same point, 10 days out from RnR Arizona on January 7 of this year.

The tempo miles were 7:53, the 800's were at 3:45 (7:30), and the 400's were at 1:47 (7:08). Also, my log only shows one of the 400's, so I guess I couldn't squeeze in that last one.

Due to the "meltdown" at Arizona, I will never know what kind of time I would have gotten if I hadn't been so impacted by the heat and cramping.

I'm scheduled to do this workout again on Tuesday, but with a total of 6 miles instead. It might be too intense a workout just 5 days out from the race, but I will see how I feel and maybe only do the tempo portion.

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  1. Such an encouraging comparison! Get pumped, this is the one!