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Have you ever wanted something so badly that your own mind became your biggest obstacle?

Elizabeth Clor wanted nothing more than to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. Dead set on achieving this goal, she found herself bound up in a vicious cycle of perfectionism and anxiety that thwarted her at every turn, despite making significant gains in her physical abilities over seven years. Boston Bound is the story of how Elizabeth discovered that her own brain was the culprit, and explains the steps she took to completely overhaul her mindset about her running and her life.

For anyone seeking to realize their full potential, physically or otherwise, this story provides specific tools and a useful framework to identify and remove mental roadblocks.

Reviews of Boston Bound

Excellent Read for Runners of All Backgrounds and Skill Levels
by Tom Leddy
I've read a number of running books throughout my career as a runner. Some of them are more interesting than others but this one really stood out for me. Elizabeth details a number of mental roadblocks that she had on her way to qualifying for the Boston Marathon along with the steps she took to overcome them. This is no simple running memoir though. Anyone can follow the techniques that Elizabeth used to improve her mental toughness, so the book can also serve as a guide for runners who are looking to bring their mental game to the next level. Whether you're trying to qualify for Boston or just looking for ways to get around some of the mental roadblocks that are keeping you from becoming a stronger runner in general, you should consider this book to be a must read.

Wonderful Read for Runners of All Levels
by Two Runners Travel
Imagine yourself trying to achieve something for a long time. Trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon is a very difficult feat for the everyday runner. Elizabeth lets you follow her path for many years of trying to achieve this goal. The life lessons she learned from this experience are beneficial for anyone trying to reach their own personal goal whether running related or not. Included are her bouts with depression and anxiety and what she did to overcome these obstacles. Being mentally tough is one of the most difficult things to achieve as an athlete and Elizabeth gives the reader the techniques that worked for her. As a fellow runner and a fortunate Boston qualifier, I read each page with interest as she took us through the highs and many lows of a lifelong desire. Her writing style made the book a page turner for me and I loved that she included her Boston Marathon recap at the end. I would highly recommend this book to anyone hoping to qualify or who just enjoy a great book about running.