Trophy Case

The fun thing about awards is that you never know when you're going to get one. You could run the race of your life and go home empty handed because the competition was so fierce. Or you could have a bad race but still win an AG award-- which has happened to me quite often. I've also noticed that races seem to get more and more competitive each year. I might get an award one year, come back the following year and run a faster time, but still not place. You just never know!

Date Race Time Award Prize 
 September 2006   Navy Federal Credit Union 5K  24:14  2nd AG Water Bottle 
 June 2007  Herndon Festival 5K 23:30 2nd Overall   Trophy
 June 2007  Celebrate Children 8K 39:36 2nd AG None
 June 2007  PRR Twilight Festival 4-miler 31:18 3rd AG Mizuno Duffle Bag
 December 2007   Seaside Half Marathon 1:53:22  1st AG Trophy
 April 2008   GW Parkway Classic 5K 23:58 3rd AG None
 December 2008  Christmas Caper 10K 49:36 2nd AG  Diffuser Sticks
 May 2009  Fair Oaks Ambulance Chase 5K  24:31 1st AG None
 August 2009  Leesburg 10K 50:35 2nd AG  Cash + Cowbell
 July 2010  Firecracker 5K 23:21 3rd AG   Gift Certificate
 September 2010  Chamber Challenge 10K 47:55 2nd Overall $100 Spa Gift Card 
 October 2010  Heritage Half Marathon 1:41:40 3rd AG Plaque
 May 2011   Patriot's Cup 8K 36:46 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 June 2011  Ringing in Hope 10K 49:30 2nd AG Gift Certificate
 September 2011   Run! Geek! Run! 8K 35:53 2nd AG  Bobble Head Trophy
 May 2012   Angel Kisses 5K 22:24 1st AG  Gift Certificate and Medal
 May 2012   Ringing In Hope 5K 23:39 2nd AG  Gift Certificate
 March 2013   B&A Trail Marathon 3:48:50 3rd AG  Gift Certificate
 May 2013  Angel Kisses 5K 22:46 2nd AG  Gift Certificate
 May 2013   Ringing In Hope 10K 48:29 2nd AG  Gift Certificate
 October 2014  Boo! Run for Life 10K 44:13 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 November 2014  Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K 21:30 2nd AG  "Award Winner" Hat
 December 2014  Ringing In Hope 10K 45:27 3rd AG  Gift Certificate
 March 2015  B&A Trail Marathon 3:35:29 2nd AG  Blanket w/race logo
 April 2015  BEST Kids 5K 22:31 1st Overall  Medal
 May 2015  Angel Kisses 5K 22:39 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 May 2015  Fair Oaks Ambulance 5K 22:00 3rd Overall  Gift Certificate
 June 2015  =PR= Twilight Festival 4-miler 30:08 2nd AG  Running Visor
 August 2015  Crime Solvers 5K 21:46 2nd AG  Hoodie
 October 2015  Boo! Run for life 10K 43:56 2nd Overall  Gift Certificate + Medal
 December 2015  Ringing In Hope 10K 44:18 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 February 2016  Run Your Heart Out 5K 21:40 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 May 2016  Mother's Day 4-Miler 27:51 2nd AG  Gift Certificate
 May 2016  Semper Fi 5K 21:05 1st AG  N/A
 June 2016  =PR= Twilight Festival 4-miler 28:36 2nd AG  Running Visor
 November 2016  Veteran's Day 5K 21:31 2nd AG  Gift Certificate
 November 2016  Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K 20:50 1st AG  "Award Winner" Hat
 December 2016  Run with Santa 5K 20:58 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 December 2016  Ringing in Hope 10K 42:09 3rd Overall  Gift Certificates + Medal
 February 2017  For the Love of It 10K 41:51 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 March 2017  Myrtle Beach Marathon 3:21:54 1st AG  Large Medal
 April 2017  GW Parkway Classic 5K 20:38 1st AG  Medal
 May 2017  Mother's Day 4-Miler 26:57 3rd Overall  Gift Certificate
 May 2017  Semper Fi 5K 20:17 3rd Overall  Certificate
 June 2017  =PR= Twilight Festival 4-miler 27:32 2nd AG  Gift Certificate
 July 2017  Firecracker 5K 21:16 3rd AG  Gift Certificate
 August 2017  Leesburg 5K 21:18 1st AG  Gift Cert + Cowbell
 November 2017  Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K 20:21 1st AG  "Award Winner" Hat
 February 2018  Kiss My Asphalt 5K 21:08 1st Overall  Wineglass
 May 2018  Semper Fi 5K 20:40 3rd Overall  Certificate
 May 2018  Ringing In Hope 5K 20:31 1st Overall  Lots of Gift Cards
 Sept 2018  Run! Geek! Run! 5K 20:34 1st Overall  Trophy + Gift Card
 October 2018  Lower Potomac 10-Miler 1:10:45 3rd Overall  Trophy + Cash
 November 2018  Virginia Run Turkey Trot 5K 19:58 1st AG  "Award Winner" Hat
 December 2018  Rehoboth Beach Marathon 3:15:34 1st AG  Trophy
 January 2019  New Year's Day 5K 21:35 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 April 2019  PVTC Easter Classic 5K 21:33 1st Overall  Chocolate bunny
 May 2019  Semper Fi 5K 20:21 2nd Overall  Towel + Bag
 July 2019  Firecracker 5K 21:25 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 August 2019  Leesburg 5K 22:08 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 September 2019  Great American Labor Day 5K 21:09 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 September 2019  Dulles Day on the Runway 5K 21:02 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 October 2019  =PR= Fall Classic 10K 42:52 2nd Overall  Gift Certificate
 October 2019  Columbus Half Marathon 1:31:55 3rd AG  Trophy
 November 2019   Ashburn Farm 5K 20:00 2nd Overall  Cash + Plaque
 January 2020   New Year's Day 5K 21:12 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 February 2020  For the Love of it 10K 43:43 1st AG  Gift Certificate
 September 2020   Fort Hunt 10K 43:37 2nd Overall  Plaque
 November 2020   Harrisburg Marathon 3:23:19 2nd Masters  Gift Certificate
 January 2021  New Day New Year 41:44 2nd Overall  None
 January 2021   Tidewater Striders 10-Miler 1:07:47 3rd Overall  None
 September 2021   Fort Hunt 5K 21:23 1st Overall  Plaque
 November 2021   Marshall University Marathon 3:18:57 1st Masters  Glass Football
 November 2021   Ashburn Farm 10K 41:17 3rd Overall  Cash + Plaque
 January 2022  New Day New Year 5K 21:23 2nd Overall  None
 May 2022   Run The Greenway 5K 20:43 1st Overall  Medal
 May 2022   Feed Fairfax 5K 21:06 3rd Overall  Cash

Run The Greenway 5K Winner 2022

Ringing In Hope 5K Winner 2018

Run! Geek! Run 5K Winner 2018

Boo!  Run For Life, 2nd Place 2014

Patriot's Cup 8K, May 2011

Herndon Festival 5K, June 2007