Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Four

Post-Race Glow
Somewhere around mile 8-9
That 10-mile race was exactly what I needed to totally lift my spirits and give me a positive outlook. I recovered fairly quickly, too, and it felt great to get back out there. The race photos were published and you can just see how happy and excited I am to be running strong in a race. And not just any race-- something longer than a 10K. All of those long runs did pay off! I could really feel in the last few miles that my endurance was strong and I wasn't just barely holding on.

I'm also overwhelmed by the amount of support from my friends and my teammates regarding this race. It was just supposed to be a fun run, but now I feel like it's a real personal victory.

This morning I ran a 4-mile tempo with my team. I hit my pace chart goal on the nose without even realizing it! I just kind of let my teammates pace me for the first three miles, and then I was on my own for the last mile (they did the 5K tempo). It was nice to be at a workout again.

Someone Who Thinks You Can't
Back in the fall, this guy was giving me some problems so I had to remove him as a Facebook friend. The saga continues, he strikes again. He actually tried to use my blog to get me kicked off of my running team! I won't go into the details, but he obviously spent a great deal of time and energy creating a fake name and email to try and get me in trouble with my coach. (Of course this didn't work, as his actions were extremely transparent.) He also contacted Pacers, who I used to be affiliated with, to accomplish the same thing. I know he's reading my blog thanks to Google analytics, so I just want to say this: To the sub-3:00 marathoner from New York who shouldn't feel threatened by me-- just get over it. My experience at Shamrock should more than satisfy your need to see me fail.

Trip to Orlando
Last week I went to Orlando for a business trip. The conference I was attending was held at a beautiful resort, which was a definitely plus. There was a pool that was just slightly longer than the length of a standard indoor pool, so I had packed my goggles to swim laps. I love swimming in outdoor pools! They also had a golf course which was perfect for running around in the early morning hours, before the golfers were out. The weather was gorgeous and I loved watching the sun rise. This was all before the 10-miler, and the Friday golf course run was the first time since Shamrock that I felt like I had my legs back.

I do have to say that the food was far below expectations. The breakfast was worse than one of those free continental buffets you would get at a motel. The lunch was served outdoors in the heat with no shade. We were all in business suits so we baked in the 80-degree temperature. At dinner, the chicken was so dry I couldn't eat it and they served cold quiche. The resort overall was amazingly wonderful, so it just surprised me that the food was so lacking.

Bathroom Remodel
I recently posted about a granite mishap for my bathroom vanities. Well, everything was fixed and the bathroom is finished. I love the new shower! It has a seat (perfect for shaving or just relaxing) and two shower heads-- a "rain down" and a handheld/adjustable.  Plus two niches to use as shelves. Greg and I had some major touch up painting to do after it was all done, and it was actually kind of fun.

Finished bathroom, before the touch-up paint job around the tub.
I'm so happy it's Friday! I'm really looking forward to the weekend.


  1. Congrats on your race!!

    Your bathroom looks amazing, and now all I can think about is relaxing in a giant tub. *sigh*

  2. Glad you had a good return to the track this morning! I think Sunday's race was the kickoff to great season. :)

    As for #2, that's crazy. I'm sorry you've had to deal with that.

  3. First off, who in the world CARES that much, and what grounds would ever get someone kicked OFF a running club? I am so perplexed by that! I mean, EEEWWWWWWW!!!! You should've kept him as your fb "friend" and given him a public piece of your mind!

    I'm so glad you got your mojo back! I think above poster is correct in saying that you will have a great season. :)

    Oh yeah, and I had to remove my Running Ahead link from my blog b/c some weirdo sent me some stalkerish messages (through RA) about my paces and races. He had even read NOTES that I had listed with some of the workouts. FREAKS!!!!!!

  4. Love love love your bathroom!!!

    And I can't believe some guy would try to do all that! WTF

  5. goodness, i do NOT understand people like that guy. ugh.

    i'm so happy you had such a wonderful cherry blossom race/experience and the picture is fantastic!

    and the bathroom - love it. honestly it looks heavenly!! yay!!

  6. Glad you got your groove back! Seeing you get into a better place gives me hope that I'll get there too, away from my own mini run-funk.

  7. Okay, that guy sounds CRAZY!!! You're physically safe, right?!

    Also, so great to read a very happy blog! I'm stoked for you girly!!